ICF Mercantile is celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary in 2018! Since opening in October 2008, ICF has grown significantly in the Technical Textiles Industry by expanding into markets ranging from Medical to Aerospace to Flame Retardant Materials to Concrete Reinforcement and more!
ICF started as primarily an Apparel focused company, ICF has since evolved into a Technical Textile & Supply Chain Go-To for many technical and specialty application companies in North America.
“ICF is, and always has been, successful because of the hard work and dedication of our employees”, ICF Mercantile’s Owner Dave Ronner says, “we would not be where we are today, 10 years later, without the commitment from our employees to offer great customer service, attention to detail, and an evolving understanding of the Textile industry.” The company grew from only 4 people in 2008 in a small office in Fort Lee, NJ, to what is now over 20 employees at their new State of the Art Research and Production Center in Warren, NJ. “We are excited to anticipate what the next 10 Years have to offer us!” says Dave.


As for the employees, “It is great to be a part of ongoing research and development projects happening at ICF. We hope to continue to grow the business but our main object is always to preserve the close-knit relationships with our customers”, says Anne Smith, a 10-year veteran at ICF who has been with the company since the beginning.

ICF Mercantile LLC, 150 Mt Bethel Rd, Warren, NJ 07059

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